1. To make delegate by visiting TezBox at


    2. Select “Create Tezbox” and Write down the 15 words in the order as they are display ed from left to right, preferably in a piece of paper, then click on “Create TezBox”. After this step, keep the paper with the words and passphrase in a safe and unaccessible place.


    3. Now, you will see your accounts and to create an originated account, click on + ADD ACCOUNT on the left sidebar and will come up message after you click on “ OK” n the left side bar you will see a new account with an address starting with KT account(Cost : 0.25xtz).


    4. Need to move XTZ from tz1 account to your KT1 account. That means, you need to send some XTZ from your implicit account to your originated one. Do not put fee field and parameters field.


    5. Go to KT1 account, select “DELEGATE” tab and then choose “custom” in the drop box and input TezosMars Delegate address.


    and click on “Update Delegate”


    6. Well done!!