Security is a Top priority for TezosMars and we are always doing keep watching Network
    stats and system check. Also we are using Hight Security(VPS, Ram 8G, Isolated usage,
    Security Key, Port management etc) for Reliable, Securable Service
    Security Deposits is a bond xtz for eligible to bake or endorse on the Tezos protocol,
    a security deposit of 512 XTZ is required to bake a block and a security deposit of
    64 XTZ is required to endorse a block
    Tezos is a DPoS (delegated proof of stake) . cryptocurrency, that means bakers can create
    new blocks and earn rewards for it.Inflation is set to 5.5% on Tezos and if you don't bake
    you are losing on this rewards!
    Definitely no!! You can cancel or move at any time, even if you have Delegated to us, for no
    time limit. Only your balance and delegation at the time of the snapshot are what matters for
    a delegate crediting you for stable rewards
    TezosMars charges a fee of 5% and will give back to you 95% of rewards
    It first takes 7 cycles after you delegate to bake your first tezos token. It then takes 5 cycles
    for the network to bonding the baked rewards. So a total of 12 cycles, after that you will
    steadily receive payouts as long as you keep delegating to TezosMars. It is totally possible
    to pay you before that but it will lead to lack of bonds and most likely waste of rewards.
    We will transfer your earned rewards on every 2cycles to your KT1 accounts
    We will send you the rewards to your KT1 address so it will automaticly be compounding for
    your profits
    baker should have at least 8.5% of XTZ as bonds of tezos(xtz) token to get delegated from
    someone. If it is not have at least a hold of XTZ, that is a overdeleting so you do not receive
    compensation for that part, so it is the mandatory part that you must check
    Benefits always come first to those who delegate, and there is no rewards for over-delegation
    The reward is estimated to be 5.5% annually, though that is likely to fluctuate significantly,
    and expected till ~13% till this year
    You must be aware of this and we are not responsible for any mistakes.
    We will distribute up to 5 cycles after delegation cancellation.